Hal Groeneboer's Collection

Hal Groeneboer

"The unique pathway I blazed to becoming a metalsmith began with the advanced degrees I earned in the fields of chemistry and science. Applying the knowledge I gained in those fields, I now specialize in fusing metals: joining metal connections through a melting process instead of using solder. This melting process brings out the same creative freedom and fluidity in metal that I experience when working with highly plastic materials like clay and glass.

Working in metal always brings me joy. Whether I’m alloying sustainably sourced materials or creating my own sheet and wire or fusing simple links in a chain, I’m constantly adding new dimensions to my creative expressions.

My aim as a metalsmith is to create simple yet personal ornamentations that are timeless in their design, understated in their elegance, and subtle in their sophistication. I want my pieces to enhance the wearer’s appearance in the same way that a magnificent frame showcases an artistic masterpiece. People are works-of-art after all; they need to be adorned with objects of beauty.

For all of you who choose to adorn yourselves with my pieces, I extend to you my sincerest and most heartfelt gratitude."

~ Hal W. Groeneboer