Rex Ramos' Collection

Rex Ramos

"I never had a deep passion for creating when I was younger. It was by chance that I took a jewelry design class. Creating art was never a strong suit of mine but when I had my first project in that jewelry design class a spark within me grew into a burning desire to form metal into works of art. It was my greater attention to detail which made me able to see things which my classmates were not able to see. I noticed that when I'm set with extra challenges I create my best work. It was this acknowledgement that I had a special skill in this field which made me want to share my work with others. I found my life's passion in jewelry design.

To me designing is the manifestation of my passions, my ideas, my experiences, and most of all my creations. I like to think that I don't make handmade jewelry for the sake of trends or fashion. I believe them to be an extension of the person who wears it, a manifestation of their own self and a form of wearable art.

In May of 2019, I graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in jewelry design. SDSU is regarded as top 5 in the United States for its jewelry program. During my time in university I was given the opportunity to design and create a Presidential Medallion for the university president Adela de la Torre. I was also awarded my own solo jewelry art show at the only Souther California jewelry gallery, Taboo Studio.

Thank you for getting to know a little bit of me!"